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A European based green tech company had interest in revolutionizing road transportation in Africa using green technologies. It’s entry point in terms of product was the electric motorcycles and in terms of location, Ghana. Though the client had robust knowledge and experience in green technology and in e-vehicles, he had limited understanding of the African market; that is the consumers, their most pressing needs, their pain points as well as their aspirations in the area of transport. Our client was not just interested in introducing a product onto the market, he was also interested in understanding his target market in order to design need-specific products and strategies to penetrate and capture adequate market share.

Our Solution

We use different methodologies and a two-phased approach in order to provide comprehensive insights to meet the client’s needs.

Phase One

Phase One (1) focused on providing a snapshot of the motorcycle market from key consumer and policy perspectives using a combination of Computer Assisted Personal Interviews (CAPI), Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews (CATI), Secondary Data Analysis, In-depth Interviews with relevant stakeholders and market observations.

 We provided the client with information on the market size, market share of different consumer groups, the primary competition in the market, the potential for growth in the market based on the government’s policy direction, the top brands in the market, the consumer sentiments on various brands and on e-vehicles among other things.

  • Sample Size: Motorcycle Riders (447) and Dealers (28)
  • Cities Covered: Accra, Kumasi, and Tamale

Phase Two

Following the completion of Phase One (1), the client had a good understanding of the structure of the general motorcycle market in Ghana. In Phase Two (2), we provided the client with more nuanced information on the desires, pain points, and aspirations of the consumer. We did this through a series of Focus Group Discussions in two cities with active usage of motorcycles, Accra and Tamale, across all consumer groups.

Our Impact

The result of the research is being used by the client in the areas of product development; that is; from market entry strategy to financing strategy and after sales care services.

We worked with the CEO and the product development unit, who are using insights from the research to inform design, branding, marketing and distribution as well as effective payment strategies for different consumer segments. The findings of the study also supported the client in its business planning and capital raising efforts.


A Japanese automobile company with an established brand in Benin was interested in understanding consumer perception of its brand and other competitor brands in order to deepen its presence in the Benin market. The client commissioned the research to evaluate consumer and distributor perception for selected motorcycle brands and also to understand the motorcycle market in Benin in the area of financing, brand selection and effective marketing channels.

Our Solution

Using Computer Assisted Personal Interviews (CAPI), a total sample of 629 responses were collected for analysis, covering insights on brand selection factors, distribution, marketing, maintenance and financing. Based on the data collected, the client understood the factors influencing brand selection; we compared the factors consumers use to select the client’s brand with factors used for other top brands in the market. The results also helped the client to understand the critical factors for marketing and the element of the brand that attract consumer patronage.

  • Sample Size: Motorcycle users (603) and Dealers (26)
  • Cities Covered: Abomey-Calavi, Cotonou, Parakou and Djougou
Our Impact

The result of the research is being used by the country director as a guide to develop strategies which will make the brand more visible and accessible to motorcycle users in Benin. The findings of the study currently serve as insights to the client in its business development efforts.

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